Linfield Football Club are delighted to announce the launch of our new official club website in partnership with ULNK.

The new cutting-edge website comes into effect furthering our mission to improve fan experience, supporter engagement and commercial growth off the pitch.

Alongside the company that developed the official club app, UNLK, the new Blues website will use innovative AI-tools and automation to consistently stay up to date, improve functionality and the ensure that the flow of information to supporters is at the level that a club like Linfield expects to have for its fanbase.

General Manager, David Graham commented,

“One of my aspirations upon appointment was to bring fans closer to the heart of the club. A key facet to this was our digital transformation, which has accelerated since the addition of a Social Media and Marketing Officer. We now look forward to strengthening our partnership family and further enhancing engagement with supporters. This, in turn, will lead to further commercial revenue and off field growth.”

Social Media and Marketing Officer, Matt Wright commented,

“We are very proud to unveil our new official club website to supporters and bring this project to fruition. The launch of the new Linfield Football Club website is a significant step toward strengthening the club’s bond with fans and creating a thriving commercial ecosystem. It reflects the club’s determination to adapt to the digital age while keeping its traditions and values intact. I would like to thank Simon and his team at ULNK for their hard work alongside the club to produce such a fantastic platform.”

The club website will see further updates in the coming weeks with dedicated sections for the Linfield Academy, Women’s and DFC divisions as well as club information pages, partnerships, statistics, media and in-depth match reports sections.

We will ensure any potential initial technical issues are rectified forthwith.